Image Health & Safety Policy

The Jardine Engineering Corporation, Limited (JEC) fully recognizes safety, health and hygiene at work as an integral part of its business strategy.

Under all circumstances, JEC is dedicated to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment and safe systems of work for our employees, sub-contractors, suppliers and the public in all locations and activities. JEC is committed to consider health and safety as an integral part of the company business principles in all business aspects.

JEC is also committed to maintaining heightened health and safety awareness through employing house rules and effective management system that leads to continuous improvement in occupational safety and health performance. To implement this policy and to avoid injuries, all employees and sub-contractors shall observe all applicable statutory requirements and house rules that are related to their works and co-operate with the JEC management.

The ultimate responsibility for health and safety within JEC rests with the Chief Executive. This responsibility shall be delegated, without abrogation, through the line management organizations. In our day-to-day management, every employee shall support and be fully committed to implement this policy.

Health & Safety Policy
Point 1
Keep abreast of best practices in health and safety management and ensure compliance with all applicable health & safety legislations as the minimum requirement;
Point 2
Foster a positive culture towards good health and safety practice through commitment and accountability of employer, employees and sub-contractors;
Point 3
Provide adequate and appropriate resources to implement this policy;
Point 4
Apply a risk-based approach to setting health and safety objectives as part of our overall business strategy;
Point 5
Ensure all employees, sub-contractors and suppliers understand and implement this policy in conformity with the requirements of OHSAS 18001; and encourage continuous improvement of health & safety management;
Point 6
Ensure that employees and sub-contractors at all levels have received appropriate training and are competent to carry out their duties and responsibilities; and
Point 7
Consult and involve employees, sub-contractors and suppliers so as to secure their commitment to the policy and its implementation.

JEC aims to eliminate all causes of fatal and major incidents from our workplaces and we target for continuous improvement on incidence rate and strive for accident-free operation.

This Group Policy and overall safety management system will be reviewed annually to ensure continuous upgrading of safety and health standards in JEC. Any revision of the policy will be brought to the attention of all employees.

Wilson Kwong
Chief Executive
5 May 2017 - Revision 16
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